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A. Upon receiving a City Zoning Administrator’s recommendation for revocation or modification of a permit or approval, the City Council shall review the matter at a public hearing. Upon a finding that the activity does not comply with the conditions of approval or the provisions of the Development Code, or creates a nuisance or hazard, the City Council may delete, modify, or impose such conditions on the permit or approval it deems sufficient to remedy the deficiencies. If the Council finds no reasonable conditions which would remedy the deficiencies, the permit or approval shall be revoked and the activity allowed by the permit or approval shall cease.

B. If a permit or approval is revoked for fraud or deception, no similar application shall be accepted for a period of one year from the date of final action and appeal, if any. If a permit or approval is revoked for any other reason, another application may be submitted subject to all of the requirements of the Development Code. (Ord. 2105, 12/23/02)